Vatican Vamps' newest EP, Yggdrasil, is named after the tree of life in Norse mythology which ties all nine realms of their universe together and where the Norse gods would go to meditate on life. This is in direct contrast to Vatican Vamps' first EP Aokigahara, which is named after the infamous suicide forest in Japan. They wanted to make two distinct albums, one of dark, moody songs and the other of high energy and positive music. The band teamed up with Nick Sullivan at Consonance Productions, Chris Beeble from the Blasting Room and Jonathan Russell with Masterfonics out of Nashville to produce all of their music. Scott McCormick was also added to the Yggdrasil team to create their stunning album art.




Based on the resume of musical artist Nat Lort-Nelson (The Bunny Gang, Richard Smallwood) a multi-instrumentalist and prolific song-writer, youโ€™d expect a rambunctious sound of Punk, Reggae and Gospel in his solo career. Yet his new endeavor as Vatican Vamps will reflect slight glimmers of these past influences and surprise you in ways you would least expect.

Nat plays a hybrid of alternative rock that includes all the energy and spirit of the orthodox. Do not be in a slump of nay-saying however, the spirit of the music does not condone a depressive state. Rather, Vatican Vamps beautifully gives the listener a music portrayal of hardship in the arial trance of guitars and with the sound of triumph over evil in the hard hitting rhythmic grooves of each song. Nat is joined on stage with Genevieve Binder, keys and vocals, Tim Gaskins, drums and vocals, Tim Miller, bass and vocals, and Tina Rea, synth, guitar, percussion and vocals.


Nat Lort-Nelson / guitar, lead vocals
Genevieve Binder / keyboard, lead vocals
Tim Gaskins / drums, vocals
Tim Miller / bass, vocals

Tina Rea / guitar, synth, percussion, vocals