The Ghost Reimagined

The Ghost is taken from a time period when Nat Lort-Nelson was on the road playing punk rock. He personally hit some hard times and made this song as an anthem to keep his spirits up. The lyrics in the chorus became a mantra as he repeated daily to himself “rest the ghost”. 




Vatican Vamps formed in Denver, Colorado in 2012 by talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nat Lort-Nelson. After returning to the States from living in Europe, Lort-Nelson recruited Genevieve Lort-Nelson (keys), Tina Rea (percussion, guitar, keys), Tim Miller (bass), and Tim Gaskins (drums) to bring his alt-rock sound to dynamic life. They have since released three conceptually vivid EPs: Aokigahara (2013), Yggdrasil (2015), and Gehenna (2018), which features the single ‘The Ghost’.


Nat Lort-Nelson / guitar, lead vocals
Genevieve Lort-Nelson / keyboard, lead vocals
Tim Gaskins / drums, vocals
Tim Miller / bass, vocals
Tina Rea / guitar, synth, percussion, vocals